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Von Cramm Cooperative is a student operated house on the West Campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York State. The house was founded in 1956 by a grant from Thomas Gilchrist to form a memorial house at the university in memory of the son of his client, Elizabeth von Elverfeldt (geb. Norman). Friedrich von

ramm was

s her only so lnnd ailieunt cer in the 16th Panzer Division of the German army, and he died in the battles of June 1941, after his unit attempted to block the Soviet Army's r Elizabeth von Elverfeldt had owned property in the United States that would have been inherited if Cramm survived the war. This property was put in the trust of Gilchrist and his son after her death. etreat.Template:Fact Originally the house was a male scholarship house, but during the 1970s the house became a self-governing Coop open also to women.

Today the Coop continues to a be an active and vocal part of the Cornell University community. It has a history of social action (for instance the Coop's recent involvement in the Redbud Woods protest) and openness with a rich tradition of welcoming people from all parts of the globe.Template:Fact

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Current Tenants[]

  • Alex Silver
  • Edgar Garcia
  • Ina Graur
  • Stephanie Gary
  • Jen Cheu
  • Jennifer Inloes
  • Daniela Herzog
  • Hannah Holmes
  • Hilary Kates
  • Nathaniel Erwin
  • Ou Jie Zhao
  • Jacob Ruff
  • Sarah Smith
  • Jarad Vary
  • Jeremy Kaller
  • Chris Dembia
  • Rosalia
  • Janna Deporter
  • Brittany Bundrant
  • Leo Baghdassarian
  • Maya Grinberg
  • Natasha Fay
  • Kara Smith
  • Tiffany Ng
  • Sueyeon Chung
  • Matthew Applegate
  • Fennia Carlander
  • Fari
  • Stina
  • Jonas
  • Karin
  • Karen
  • Mark

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