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Orbea is a bicycle manufacturer based in Mallabia in the Basque Country of Spain. Originally a rifle and gun maker, starting out in 1840, the company shifted its business after the Spanish Civil War to bicycles in 1930. Orbea produces a range of racing bicycles and mountain bikes, including high-end carbon fibre designs. Orbea is part of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation, and is Spain's largest bicycle manufacturer. Each Orbea is designed and manufactured in the heart of Spain, which is rare with so many bicycles being made in the far east for costs. Orbea do a "Made to Order" service as well which means you can select a frame and build up from that.

Orbea sponsors and supply bikes to a number of teams, including the Basque based Euskaltel-Euskadi professional road bicycle racing team. Julien Absalon, who won the Gold Medal at Beijing 2008 Olympics was riding a Orbea Alma Carbon.


Orbea's current (in the 2008 catalogue) models include:


  • Orca
  • Opal
  • Onix
  • Arin
  • Lobular
  • Aqua
  • Asphalt


  • Ordu
  • Ora
  • Aletta


  • Oiz
  • Occam
  • Rallon
  • 29er
  • Alma
  • Lanza
  • Sport
  • Flow
  • Pellejo


  • Cross Sport
  • Speed
  • Equiped Sport
  • Folding
  • Equiped Leisure
  • Cross Leisure

As of 2006 Orbea exports three all carbon road bikes to the US. They are the Opal, Orca, Onix.

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