Kerron James Cross (born August 21, 1977) is a Labour politician and blogger. His blog was rated as the top Labour blog by commentator Iain Dale in 2006.

Cross was candidate for South West Hertfordshire at the May 2005 general election in the United Kingdom. He is a member of the Christian Socialist Movement national executive and was elected Vice Chair of the Movement in 2007. He is a long-serving Parliamentary Research assistant for Andy Reed, Member of Parliament.

Cross is a published writer, with political commentary in such publications as the Salvation Army War Cry and the Christian Socialist magazine, and he had a book of sketches/drama published in 2001, Drama, Verse, Sketches 2 with Steve Tilley. However, he is perhaps best known for running a blog called "The Voice of the Delectable Left", where he is known for his attacks on the Liberal Democrats, political gossip, general observations on football, and life as a Parliamentary Researcher. He is also known to be a supporter of Gordon Brown and was a critic of the Iraq War. He is known not to be a great fan of John McDonnell, sometimes having fights with his supporters on his blog.

In the 2005 election in South West Hertfordshire, Cross received 10,466 votes (20.9% of the total vote), a swing of 6.1% against Labour, and was placed third behind the Liberal Democrats.

Cross was a Labour Co-operative district councillor in South Oxhey, Hertfordshire - and was originally elected to this post in June 2002. He was the Leader of the Labour Group on Three Rivers District Council. Before being elected to Three Rivers District Council he was Vice Chair of Croxley Green Parish Council, Hertfordshire. In 2006 he has been elected as Chair of the Herts & Home Counties Co-operative Party.

Kerron Cross was educated at Anglia Ruskin University graduating with a BA (Hons).

It has been widely speculated that the character Danny Foster from the 2007 BBC political drama Party Animals was based upon Kerron Cross.Template:Fact After Cross addressed the rumours on his blog, Martin Bright, a political consultant for the show, commented claiming that he "couldn't possibly confirm or deny" the speculation.[1]

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