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Gulf and Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union doing business as G&F Financial Group is a member-owned financial institution in Burnaby, British Columbia and the eighth largest credit union in British Columbia[1]. Founded in 1940, G&F Financial Group provides a variety of financial services including banking, borrowing, investments, and insurance. The credit union is led by Co-Chief Executive Officers, Bill Kiss and Jeff Shewfelt.


G&F Financial Group's history extends back to one of the first credit unions in BC—Common Good Co-Operative Association located in South Burnaby in 1936. Since that time, the credit union has gone through a number of mergers and name changes—the most significant occurring in 2004 when United Savings Credit Union, formerly known as Civic Employee's Credit Union, United Services Credit Union, Burnaby Savings Credit Union, Pioneer Credit Union and Allied Savings Credit Union, merged with what was then Gulf and Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union to become G&F Financial Group. The combined entity has 17 branches located in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Langley, Port Coquitlam, and Richmond.

The current head office is located in the Edmonds area of Burnaby. The credit union recently celebrated the grand opening of a new branch in the Sunset community of south Vancouver.


The following is a (incomplete) list of previous credit unions that form part of G&F Financial Group's history, either through name changes, mergers, or buyouts:

    • North Arm Fisherman's Credit Union
    • Lower Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union
    • Common Good Co-Operative Association
    • Pioneer Credit Union
    • C.E.F.U. #28 Credit Union
    • Civic Employees Credit Union
    • United Services Credit Union
    • Mount Pleasant Credit Union
    • Burnaby Savings Credit Union
    • Allied Savings Credit Union
    • Finning Employees Credit Union
    • United Savings Credit Union
    • Burlington Northern Credit Union
    • Sheet Metal Workers Credit Union
    • Elco Credit Union (BC Hydro Employees)

Community Involvement[]

As with most member-owned credit unions, G&F Financial Group has a long history of involvement in the communities that they serve. In 2020, G&F Financial Group, the Board of Directors, employees, partners and sponsors gave $575,000 to local community groups, scholarship and bursary programs, charities, and cultural and sports organizations. This included three major charitable fundraisers where employees, partners and sponsors raised $170,000.[2]

On February 25, 2021, G&F Financial Group announced their exclusive sponsorship of the Personal Finance program for high school students, run by Junior Achievement British Columbia. The credit union also donated $20,000 into the program.

On December 30, 2020, G&F Financial Group announced a donation of $80,000 to local charities and groups impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of that, $60,000 went to local food banks, shelters, and hospitals, which were among some of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On September 28, 2020, G&F Financial Group announced a donation of $132,000 to The Centre for Child Development in Surrey, BC. This was the second year of their three-year fundraising commitment for the Centre, which helps children with special needs reach their potential. The Centre provides physiotherapy, family services, childcare, communication and occupational therapy, and recreation services to thousands of children in Metro Vancouver.


  • Popular Grammy-nominated singer, Michael Buble is the son of one of G&F Financial Group's Directors.
  • One of the first credit unions chartered in British Columbia through a previous merger with Pioneer Credit Union (charter number 003).


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