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Diplom-Is is a Norwegian manufacturer of ice cream owned by the dairy group TINE. In 2005 the company produced 51.1 million litres of ice cream, and held a market share of 53% domestically.[1]

Among the most notable own brands are Royal, Dream, Sans, Krone-Is, Pin-Up, Lollipop, Sandwich, Pia, Gullpinne, Gigant and Klin Kokos. It also produces the franchise Mövenpick, Mars and Nestlé in Scandinavia.


The first ice cream factories in Norway were established in the 1920s, and towards the end of the decade the Norwegian Dairies established their own brand, Diplom Is in Oslo. By 1931 the production went on continually through the year, and Oslo got its own ice cream truck. Production was low during World War II, and after the war there were numerous independent ice cream manufacturers. Many of these were owned by the regional dairy cooperatives. In 1951 these were all branded as Diplom-Is and the brand became national. Though having a common brand, it was not until 1991 that all the production of ice cream by the dairies was collected in one company, Norsk Iskrem BA (lit. Norwegian Ice Cream). The following four years saw the "ice cream war" between Diplom-Is and the Swedish GB Is, but by 1995 GB had to withdraw from the market. At the same time Diplom-Is started to franchise produce the Swiss brand Mövenpick. In 1992 the company established itself in Denmark, and in 2004 in Sweden. In 2002 the legal name changed to Diplom-Is AS.[2]

In popular culture Edit

  • In the movie Agent Cody Banks, there is a Diplom-Is sign in the background in the café where Cody Banks and Natalie Connors are eating ice cream.


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