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River Dan within kibbutz Dafna

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River Dan within kibbutz Dafna

Dafna (Template:Lang-he-n) is a kibbutz in the Upper Galilee in northern Israel, 7 km east of Kiryat Shmona. It was founded on 3 May 1939, after the tower and stockade principle, it was the first tower and stockade settlement in the northern Hula Valley. Dan and Dafna are known as "the Ussishkin Fortresses".

Three streams of the Dan river surround the evergreen landscape.


The junior and senior regional high school is located at kibbutz Dafna.


Dafna Industries was founded 1964 and is today one of the leading footwear exporters of Israel. Its products are exported to Europe, North and South America.

Additional economic activities, which are part of the revenue producing activities of the kibbutz, are: Apple, avocado and grapefruit orchards, cotton growing, dairy cattle and commercial fish ponds.

In addition, the tourist guest house "Ganei Dafna" (Garden of Dafna) offers recreational diversion.


Template:Seealso The helicopters disaster: on February 4, 1997, at approximately 19:00, two "Yasur" Sikorsky CH 53 helicopters carrying 73 soldiers and loaded with ammunition collided in mid-air over She'ar Yishuv. One of the helicopters smashed into an open field near the cemetery of Kibbutz Dafna.[1]

It is believed that this accident increased the pressure on the IDF to withdraw its forces from Lebanon, finally done in May 2000.[2]

Today a monument in Kibbutz Dafna commemorates the 73 killed soldiers.[3] The monument is in the shape of a huge tree whose leaves symbolize the names of those killed in the disaster.


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