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Template:Infobox Kibbutz Afek (Template:Lang-he-n) is a kibbutz in northern Israel. Located in the Zevulun Valley in the Western Galilee, near the archaeological site of Tel Afek and the HaKerayot agglomeration, it falls under the jurisdiction of Mateh Asher. In 2006 it had a population of 426.


The kibbutz was originally founded in 1935 as Plugat HaYam (Template:Lang-he, lit. Sea Company) on the dunes near present-day Kiryat Haim, with the goal of getting jobs in the Port of Haifa. In 1938 the kibbutz was moved to the coast in the area of Acre as a "tower and stockade" settlement, and was renamed Mishmar HaYam (Template:Lang-he, lit. Sea Guard). In 1947 the village moved again to its current location, this time just a short distance inland on the same agricultural lands, based on the decision to abandon fishing and concentrate exclusively on agriculture in the Zevulun Valley. Its current name is derived from the adjacent Tel Afek, a candidate for one of the biblical Apheks.

Afek is today home to 200 members and over 450 residents, and is planning to expand to 1,500 residents. The kibbutz maintains a preschool system, including a kindergarten, as well as a primary school, both of which are open to the general public. It also has a swimming pool and an educational exhibit detailing the production of clothing from cotton.

The kibbutz's agriculture consists of the products of its fields and groves, as well as dairy farming, poultry farming, and fish farming. It also has three factories: Asiv produces fabrics, Mego medical supplies, and Hinnanit dolls and clothing accessories.

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